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Tuesday, May 28th to Friday, August 2nd

Join us for a summer of laughter, learning, and endless adventures!

Join us Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, as we offer a variety of educational, fun-themed days and activities for young scholars in Orlando.

About Absolute Excellence Preparatory Academy

With specially designed and engaging activities for scholars who have completed kindergarten through 8th grade, including competitive sports and culinary camps, we guarantee to develop each child's academic skills, forge friendships, and create cherished memories this summer during Absolute Excellence’s Summer Camp.

About Absolute Excellence Preparatory Academy

Since our start in 2018, we have worked incredibly hard to create the best private school in Orlando, serving our students from Pre-K through to 8th grade. We aim to provide a truly vibrant academic experience alongside the highest-quality education for our scholars.

Our teachers work continuously to ensure that we are always delivering the highest-quality education through our unique, prestigious learning programs. 

Together, we seek to teach, inspire and encourage the development of the necessary life skills and self-confidence that will allow scholars to navigate their future with ease and confidence.

Here are some of the exciting activities which are taking place during our Summer Camp:

Here are some of the exciting activities which are taking place during our Summer Camp:

Art Camp

Gamers Camp

Culinary Camp

Sports Camp

Science Camp

Dance Workshops

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Why attend a summer camp?

At Absolute Excellence Preparatory Academy, our team of teachers is dedicated to creating a safe, supportive, and engaging environment for young scholars who will be encouraged to nurture their innate love for learning and explore the world around them.

We recognize the holidays as a chance for each child to develop new skills and forge friendships outside the traditional classroom setting. We believe that each day at our Summer Camp is an opportunity to try new things, bolster critical thinking, and encourage compassionate young leaders to develop their love for learning.

Did you know that the benefits of enrolling your child in a summer camp include:

The opportunity to interact with friends throughout the holiday period so they can continue the development of key social skills outside of academic hours.

The chance to explore and play in a safe and familiar environment, where little ones have already established connections with their surroundings and our team.

Successfully participating in activities, making new friends, and achieving small milestones at a summer camp can boost a child's confidence and self-esteem.

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